Traveling for the Desserts

Often when traveling to new places, we are stuck eating unfamiliar foods with the small hope that we’ll like them as much as the locals do. This got me thinking. Why travel to a place just to gamble with the food? Why not find the best foods offered around the world and go searching for them? I came across this list of the top 5 desserts to try in the United States, so check it out! Happy traveling!

#1 Smith Island Cake (Maryland) Named after an island in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s Smith Island Cake became the state’s official dessert in 2008. With seemingly endless layers of cake stacked high and topped with fudge frosting, this dessert would make anyone hop the next plane to Maryland!

#2 Kuchen (South Dakota) Kuchen, South Dakota’s official dessert since 2000, is a flat dessert made of sweet dough and often filled with fruit. Special thanks to the Germans who brought this dish to South Dakota so long ago for giving us this great snack to go with our morning coffee.

#3 Bizcochito (New Mexico) Great with wine or hot chocolate, these shortbread cookies became New Mexico’s official cookie in 1989. Step into Golden Crown Panaderia in Albuquerque and get one of these delicious cinnamon cookies on the house!

#4 Boston Cream Pie (Massachusetts) French pastry chef Monsieur Sanzian made the first Boston Cream Pie in 1855. Contrary to popular belief, the Boston Cream Pie isn’t a pie! It’s actually made with two layers of cake sandwiching a layer of thick custard and is topped off with a chocolate glaze.

#5 Key Lime Pie (Florida)This official pie of Florida since 2006 is served “everywhere” in the state. Topped with whipped cream, meringue, and more, Key Lime Pie recipes vary greatly from place to place around the Keys.  But no matter where you find your Key Lime Pie, you’re sure to be satisfied!

Now, doesn’t that list just make you want to pack your bags and go to these 5 states? If dessert wasn’t my reason for visiting them before, it is now!