The Honest Company Cares for Families [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

jessica alba and christopher gavigan
As parents themselves, co-founders Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba created The Honest Company because they recognized the need for a children’s products company that is trustworthy and honestly safe.┬áTaking tips from environmental health research, the Honest Company creates stylish, non-toxic products that parents can trust.

Products are affordable and save families time and energy with online order and

honest products the honest company

What makes Honest really unique is their transparency to customers. When you look at their website and blog, you can feel a sense of compassion and understanding. These people know what they’re talking about because they’ve lived it. Click on a video and you can actually hear the co-founders’ voices describing their goals for the company, and I think that connection alone makes them successful. The Honest Company is also not shy about responding to customer feedback. In fact, they’ve recently made their baby wipes thicker and softer based on specific requests from customers!

the honest company

The Honest Company is very invested in their social media. They have over 92, 000 Facebook fans and a decorated Pinterest profile to match. These create great avenues for open communication with customers and are part of what makes The Honest Company so honest!

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