The Change Creation Builds Brands and Sustainable Business [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Jerry Stifelman creator of the company  The Change Creation, began his career working with companies like Banana Republic, MTV, and Puma as a brand strategist. He left to create The Change Creation focuses on all aspects of brand strategies from writing to consulting, while doing so in a green and sustainable manor.  This company commits itself to honesty and is devoted to helping other companies market themselves towards consumers. They really strive to encourage consumers to support businesses that are beneficial for the planet.

The Change Creation works exclusively with companies like Burt’s Bees, Sustainable Building Solutions, Self Help and other companies who share their goals of making the planet better in social, environmental, and political ways. Running on renewable energy, this company stands to accomplish far more than was ever previously expected.  The company’s desire to foster change in the world is both refreshing and innovative.

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