What an Incentive!

Italy. Food. Bonding. What’s not to like?

A major part of being an effective team is maintaining the ability to cooperate with one another both inside and outside of the workplace. Bonding over fun and stress-free activities help to aquaint coworkers as well as develop relationships beyond the professional arena.

So that’s bonding, but what about Italy and food? They are both relevant, I promise. According to Flavor of Italy, cuisine related team building helps to boost morale, foster solidarity and collaboration, break down barriers, build new relationships at work with both customers and colleagues, improve time management skills, stimulate problem solving skills, as well as enhance creativity. Think about it: tradition has it that meals are not solely about the food, but also the social aspect of sitting down with others to enjoy a shared delicacy.

Italy Countryside

Now, let’s talk the real fun stuff. Flavor of Italy offers Corporate Culinary Team Building that facilitate this social sharing. The options? Try out the “Fusion Cooking Team Building” which divides participants into teams that will create an Italian fusion meal with international ingredients. If this doesn’t strike your appetite (yes, pun intended), look into the “Recipe & Meal Creation Event”. Teams gather their own ingredients to make a meal that will be rated based upon originality, taste, presentation, speed of preparation, cost, and sustainability (bonus!). Not into the cooking idea? Opt for the wine tasting event that provides various samples of reds and whites to participants, which are then randomly resampled by the same group in an attempt to identify the most correctly. Have a different event in mind? Flavor of Italy notes how if that’s the case, simply ask them about it! They are more than happy to accommodate specific interests.


These options are among the activities offered by Flavor of Italy to foster both team building as well as the enhancement of an equally amiable and professional work ethic. “Getting the job done” is no more important than setting time aside to create relationships with coworkers. In fact, the latter is often necessary for an effective completion of the former.

It’s also vital to recognize that Flavor of Italy promotes and practices culinary responsibility in each of their programs. They state, “Culinary sustainability is an increasingly important part of our lives as the world we live in becomes more global, resources become more scarce, and we face important issues such as recycling of our ever-increasing waste and GMOs.” Despite indulging in some of Italy’s finest, Flavor of Italy’s policies can alleviate your team’s concerns about leaving the “green”.

Check out Flavor of Italy’s blog for some more information and updates!

Incentive Trips to Spain Offer Unique Team-Building Activities

When organizing an incentive trip, team-building activities can be very fun and beneficial to a company or group.  Team-building activities incorporate adventure and fun with teamwork and problem-solving to create a meaningful experience for everyone involved. Each activity comes with its own challenges and “Wow factors” while providing the benefits of team-building initiatives. Interested in what incentive trips in Spain could offer to you and your company? Read on to find out more!

Team Sports

If you are looking for a way to get active and competitive on your incentive trip, the following team sports may be perfect for your group!



  • Sailing Regattas– Groups will experience a combination of sport, sightseeing, and fun in this unique sailing race.
  • Golf tournament– What is better than a company golf tournament? A golf tournament in Spain! Groups will take part in a private tournament, including lessons, catering, and photography, if desired.
  • Watersports– Make your incentive trip unforgettable with this unique opportunity. Mix and match water sports of interest to your group, such as parasailing, waterskiing, or dolphin spotting, to maximize your experience!
  • Beach Olympic games– Groups will be divided into teams and will compete in various Olympic-style games to win prizes.

Fun and Games

If you prefer a more low-key activity to get your group involved, consider these fun options for your incentive trip.



  • Segway challenges– This original activity supplies groups with segways and necessary equipment to compete in various speed and agility tests within a tailored segway obstacle course.
  • Laser clay shooting– Lasersport Clay Pigeon Shooting is an experience that can enjoyed by all! Players use modified shotguns to shoot infrared lasers at clays launched into the air. This activity is perfectly safe and great for groups who are looking for fun with a competitive edge.
  • Drum circles– Groups will be divided into subgroups and given instruments with which to tell stories through music. Great as an ice breaker and everyone gets to participate!
  • Local culture discovery– Groups will come together while learning about typical activities of the land, including cooking, dancing, and more!

Exercise Alternatives

If you are looking to offer health and exercise to your group, try these activities, designed to get your group up and moving together.



  • Bicycle guided tours– Groups of 5 to 50 people can enjoy a relaxing bike ride while learning interesting facts about the land. Groups will bond over exercise and cultural discovery.
  • Self-defense– Group members will learn safety and situational awareness in this activity through Krav Maga self-defense techniques.
  • Hiking & trekking– Take your group on a hike up the Djebel Musa in Morocco, where they will learn the mythologies of the mountain and the neighboring Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Health & fitness day– Groups will be divided into teams for a day-long fitness experience, incorporating opportunities to exercise and to learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The key to a successful incentive trip is combining excitement with knowledge and self-growth.  No matter your interests, Spain offers many unique and tailored team-building activities for your incentive trip.