Sustainable Harvest Makes Lasting Connections [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Sustainable Harvest, our Corporate Conscious Wednesday Winner, sets a great example of how to bring investors and producers together. Specifically, Sustainable Harvests is a fair trade specialty coffee importer. The company works with stakeholders and outside investors to empower farmers who work with sustainable practices and buy from sustainable supply chains. In fact, in 2009, Sustainable Harvests invested two-thirds of its operating expenses (1.1 million) in non profit farmer training and activities to “create a global trade model that better serves fair trader farmers.”

This Portland based company works with farmers in Mexico, Peru and Tanzania, helping over 200,000 farmers compete in specialty coffee markets. By closely connecting farmers, investors, suppliers, and transporters, Sustainable Harvests has succeeded in creating an inspirational business model that benefits both businesses and consumers. Check out more about Sustainable Harvests at