Big Bad Woof Sells to the Socially Conscious Pet [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Big Bad Woof, a socially-conscious supplier of pet supplies originating in Hyattsville, MD, became the first B Corp certified organization in the U.S. in October 2010. Big Bad Woof was ahead of the movement then, and they continue to support sustainable business today.

BBWoof’s owner, Penny Jones-Napier, has been quoted this week in regard to the pending implementation of U.S. legislation, which offers specific protection to companies who value sustainability and social impact above all else. Her position as owner of such a highly-regarded company makes her a valuable voice on the matter. Ms. Jones-Napier says of the benefit movement, “What started with small businesses is moving into the mainstream,” and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Known for its role as a benefit corporation, Big Bad Woof puts the needs of the larger population before their own. In addition, BBWoof’s customers value these eco-friendly efforts, and the company continues to increase profits regardless of its focus on social impact. Customers are happy to pay a little extra to support the cause!

Congrats to Big Bad Woof for their position in the movement toward mainstream sustainability! We wish them many more successful years to come.