Re:Vision Architecture Designs A Better Future [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Companies searching for new and innovative ways to become more environmentally responsible need only to look at businesses like our Corporate Conscious Wednesday Winner, Re:Vision Architecture. This company focuses on implementing eco-friendly practices to the structure and design of buildings.

Buildings, which consume about forty percent of the land, water, energy and raw materials used globally, possess a large potential for mitigating current environmental problems. Companies like Re:Vision Architecture (RVA) directly tap into this market by exposing clients to a wide variety of professionals from different fields who work together to develop sustainable designs for projects.

This planning and consulting firm seeks to find a balance between natural and man-made environments. When working on a project, RVA professionals incorporate a chosen sites natural and cultural features with the specific necessities of the client. Additionally, Re:Vision Architecture implements sustainable construction and design ideas to conserve natural resources and to lower operating costs.  To find out more about the goals and methods of Re:Vision Architecture visit their website at

   Above: Energy innovation hub at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Clean Energy Campus which was a Re:Vision Architecture Project!