Patagonia: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

During this wintery season, we typically buy new jackets, hats and scarves. But, do you know where you can buy warm apparel and still be socially responsible?? Patagonia! This week we have chosen to feature Patagonia as our Corporate Conscious Wednesday Winner.

Patagonia sells everything from apparel and accessories for men, women and kids to outdoor sports equipment. You can even purchase used Patagonia clothing!

If you visit their website, you will find an entire section dedicated to Environmentalism. There are many great things that Patagonia is doing for our environment, but one thing that really stood out to us was their dedication to the Common Threads Initiative, which fully embraces the reduce, reuse, recycle way of life.

Patagonia reduces by making useful gear that lasts a long time and encouraging consumers not to buy things from their store if they don’t really need it. They will even repair your Patagonia gear if anything needs to be fixed. Patagnoia reuses by helping your Patagonia gear find a new home if you no longer need it. Lastly, Patagonia recycles by taking back any gear that is worn out and pledges to keep it out of landfills. You can even purchase used Patagonia clothes if you’d like.

So what do you think of Patagonia? We would love to hear your thoughts!