Find Sustainability, Safety, and Comfort in Yellow Leaf Hammocks [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Nothing says paradise like swinging in the breeze in a hammock. With the official start of Summer right around the corner, we’re all in the mood to kick off our shoes and relax in the sun. This week’s Corporate Conscious Wednesday post features Yellow Leaf Hammocks and their efforts to provide comfort and knowledge of sustainability, while preserving the culture and economy of the Mlabri tribe in Thailand.

Inspired by the hammocks created by the Mlabri tribe, Yellow Leaf founder, Joe Demin, created the company to help the Mlabri tribe to increase demand for their hammocks and promote more eco-safe methods of production.

The latest development for Yellow Leaf Hammocks is their design for a hammock stand, or the Yellow Leaf Hammock Recliner. In three different finishes, all customers are sure to be satisfied with this new model. I’d take a nap in that!


Demin’s dedication to the company shines through in his Twitter feed @Hammocker and blogging efforts on “The Front Porch.”  That kind of attitude makes people want to do business with you. As if we needed yet another reason to love this company! 

Want to support Yellow Leaf? Visit their site and shop for your very own personal hammock! They would make great Father’s day gifts, don’t you think? Your dad could be as comfortable as this cat.