The Top 5 Reasons Why Choosing A&M Is Good For Your Business

What makes A&M Meetings and Incentives unique? Why should you entrust us with planning and organizing your next company event? Why is the “Go Green” initiative important? We’ve compiled five main reasons why you need to book an event through A&M today. Read on!

  1. Everyone deserves a reward. And what better way to say “thank you” to your employees (and yourself) for a year’s worth of hard work than on the lush green field of an ocean side golf resort? It’s the best of both worlds!
  2. There’s something for everyone. Not interested in the beach scene? No problem—Escape the fast-paced lifestyle of the city by booking an event in the tranquil countryside of Tennessee.  Looking for something more adventurous? Embark into the breathtaking mountains of North Carolina and indulge in one of the many spa services offered at the Grove Park Inn; because no one ever said roughing it had to be taken literally. Whether you’re looking for scenic views of the water or the sights and sounds of Center City, Philadelphia, we’ve got you covered.
  3. You’re helping the environment. There’s only one Mother Earth, and it’s up to all of us to do our part to ensure the beauty we experience each day is around for future generations. Our “Green” meetings benefit your business and the environment simultaneously. Save money, be innovative, and make a difference.
  4. We know what we’re doing. With over fifty years of experience, we are determined to make sure your event is exactly how you want it to be—even down to the smallest detail. As event planners, we don’t simply create events. We create experiences. It is our job and passion to ensure that your flights are booked, your schedule is planned, your finances are secured, and your vision comes alive.
  5. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Think of it this way: you’re the artist, we’re the paints and paintbrush, and the finished event is the canvas. We are your catalysts for putting the wheels in motion. Golf trip, co-worker spa weekend, company incentive, product launch, training course…we do it all. Come to you with your ideas in mind and we will work as a team to produce the results you desire.

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Two Cents from Taiga Company: Julie Urlaub

We are thrilled about a guest post that we have to share on the blog today! Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner of Taiga Company, offered us her two cents on some of the green meeting goals that we promote here at A&M:

Greener Meetings Means Responsible Resource Management

Bringing people together for meetings, often for multiple days at a time, can create a “host” of environmental impacts—from the smog and greenhouse gas emissions associated with air and ground travel to the paper, plastic, and food waste associated with feeding attendees.  Since meeting face to face is oftentimes a requirement, today’s environmentally minded executives and staff are looking for smarter meeting options.  As such, many are discovering how environmentally responsible meetings are not only good for the earth, they’re great for business.

An aspect of business sustainability is making informed choices regarding green meeting planning.  This includes everything from site selection to meeting materials to catering.   Every mindful action can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the event and oftentimes, reduce meeting costs.

Research indicates more than two-thirds of meeting professionals take environmental considerations into account when planning their conferences.  How are they doing this? By keeping responsible resource management at the forefront of their decision making.  Areas worth considering are:

  • Waste management and recycling
  • Water conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Carbon Offsets and Event Calculators
  • Green Travel and Lodging
  • Sustainable Tourism Organizations and Initiatives

By including sustainability concepts in event planning, it demonstrates company values to employees and meeting guest as well as gives business a competitive edge, a great reputation, and can save time and money in the process.


A huge thank you goes out to Julie for sharing her insights!

What are your thoughts?

Julie Urlaub is the Founder and Managing Partner of Taiga Company, a social media and sustainability consulting company specializing in social media communications, strategy, training, managed services and stakeholder engagement for sustainable/ green business.

Leveraging 36,000+ twitter followers and a blog with global reach, Julie works with clients to powerfully engage in sustainability related issues and stakeholder communications in the social media space to help businesses maximize sustainability strategies and to communicate how their sustainability strategies are making a difference in their business and our world. Not only does Julie walk the talk, she rides it too as an endurance mountain bike racer.

Twitter: @TaigaCompany

Your Next Meeting Destination – Sydney, Australia

If you had the chance to plan a meeting or event anywhere in the world, would Sydney, Australia be at the top of your list? If yes, good choice! If no, maybe it should be!

Sydney Skyline DaytimeSydney offers countless venues and entertainment options for meeting and corporate events of all sizes.

The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre is a prime location for meetings and events. Located in Darling Harbour, this exquisite venue is easily accessible by road, ferry, and monorail! Auditorium capacity in the Sydney Convention Centre is 3,500, with 20 meeting rooms that accommodate 20 to 600 people. Five exhibition halls of 54,000 square feet are located in the Exhibition Centre and have housed many important international meetings in recent years.

The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

In addition to meeting venues, Sydney offers many attractions and entertainment options, most with a beautiful view of the harbour!

Darling Harbour has become a tourist attraction after recent renovations and now hosts 15 million visitors per year! Features wiCircular Quaythin Darling Harbour include the Star City Casino, the Cargo Bar on the water, and Malaya, an intimate restaurant that suits groups up to 300 people!

Spend some time at Circular Quay for dining, shopping, and nighttime entertainment. This area is known for it’s excitement and street performers, who can turn an ordinary day or night into a festival celebration!

Got a nice day to spare? A ride on the Manly Ferry is a great way to relax and explore the area! Get out onto the water with this 30-min ferry ride to Manly, Sydney’s “laid-back beach suburb.”

Manly Ferry Sydney

If green efforts are high on your list of priorities when searching for a meeting destination, you’ll feel at ease in Sydney. Sydney has come to be known as a “clean green city,” which is a big incentive for eco-friendly event planners looking for locations.

Ecowise Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Green Credentials

The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, the city’s main meeting complex, boasts plenty of green features itself as well. Eco-friendly efforts are driven by Ecowise, a division of the staff members at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre who dedicate their time and energy to reducing their carbon footprint. Since it’s formation, Ecowise has made a significant impact on energy and water usage at the Convention Centre and has found a way to donate excess food through the organization OzHarvest.

Two 5 star hotel properties in the area include the Marriott Sydney Harbour and Amora Hotel Jamison, both located near popular attractions, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay.

Sydney Opera House Recognized by the events industry for its scenery, climate, venue options, and friendly locals, Sydney could be the perfect destination for your next meeting or incentive trip!