Clif Bar Raises the Bar on Employee Rewards

For those of you interested in the world of double, triple, and quadruple bottom lines, check out this story from Clif Bar and their unique 20th anniversary employee rewards!

Custom Clif Bar Bike 20th Anniversary


Clif Bar recently awarded each of its 300 employees a new, shiny, red custom Clif Bar bicycle in honor of their 20th anniversary! Each employee received a brand new bike inscribed with their name and start date at the company. This is such a great idea! The bikes are both personal items and flashy gifts to show around town!

WATCH: Clif Bar’s 20th Anniversary Bicycle Unveiling Video

We love seeing employees rewarded for their hard work! When a company gives back to the people who make it run smoothly, it makes everyone work a little bit harder and may even attract some of these.

Custom Clif Bar Bike 20th Anniversary

What stories have you heard about companies giving back to their employees? We’d love to hear them!