Dive into the Ethical Ocean: Online Shopping for the Socially-Conscious [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Ethical Ocean Turtle Header Own What's GoodEthical Ocean is an online shopping destination that brings brands together for a one-stop, socially-conscious shopping experience. Ethical Ocean splits its product list into three categories: people, animals, and environment. Once you create a profile, you identify which cause is most important to you (i.e. people’s rights) and you have a customized shopping homepage dedicated to your cause of choice! Use their recommendations to guide you to your next purchase or search through their catalog to find what you’re looking for.

Ethical Ocean Style

Just like any other online shopping site, products supported by Ethical Ocean are fashionable, practical, trendy, and interesting! What makes them different is their dedication to helping the planet by promoting ethical products.

The story of how Ethical Ocean became the company it is today is very inspiring. They started off with high expectations of growth and began partnering with many different companies and bringing in thousands of new products. Though this growth was great for profits, Ethical Ocean realized that some of these products didn’t quite live up to their mission—they were made with good intentions, but the quality was still missing. Ethical Ocean knew this would not hold up, so in 2012, they sliced their list of offered brands from 500 to 200, leaving room for only the best of the best. And their productivity didn’t slow one bit.

Ethical Ocean Branding ImageWhen you have shopping to do, check Ethical Ocean first. Their products are great for the socially-conscious shopper looking to make a difference while looking great!

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Patagonia Values Customer Opinion for Company Growth [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing retailer focused on simplicity and utility, two important concepts in this time of ecological and economic crisis. Taking the needs of  customers and the planet alike into consideration in its apparel production, Patagonia earns this week’s Corporate Conscious Wednesday honors!

Their mission statement reads: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis,” and that’s just what they’re doing.

Never one to be traditional, Patagonia encourages its customers to buy responsibly, even if that means they’ll buy fewer products. In an economic recession, people need to rethink their relationship with consumer products, and Patagonia’s partnership with their customers creates a great foundation for making these responsible purchases. Jess Clayton, Patagonia’s spokesperson, acknowledges the risk in asking people to buy less, and explains that “the decisions by the environment are always harder to make.” And it has worked to their advantage. Patagonia has built a dedicated fanbase of customers who strongly value their unique retail methods.

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In addition to its agreement with customers to recycle clothing and shop responsibly, Patagonia respects suggestions made by their loyal followers. In fact, Patagonia recently debuted a new wetsuit made of “the highest recycled content of any wetsuit on the market.” This suit was created in response to customer feedback that claimed their previous suits were too hot for warmer waters. So, not only does Patagonia respond effectively to customer concerns, they also seize every opportunity to create more environmentally-friendly alternatives to what’s currently out there.

Their dedication to constant improvement and customer satisfaction makes Patagonia a force to be reckoned with in society today. Bravo!

Campaigning to Change [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Change.org is a unique company based out of San Francisco, California, whose goal is to help people get involved in their local, regional and national communities. The website gives individuals the ability to create real change. It does this by allowing people to create petitions and campaigns for any issue that they are concerned with. Current campaigns on the website range over a wide variety of topics including, anti-gay bullying to ecofriendly programs.  These campaigns allow people to draw awareness to particular issues and recruit people to join their cause.

The impact created by the members of Change.org can be seen on local and global scales. The websites simple idea has been and will continue to be a catalyst for individuals looking to change the world.

Is there something in your community that you want to change? Check out their website at www.change.org and start your petition today.