Clif Bar Raises the Bar on Employee Rewards

For those of you interested in the world of double, triple, and quadruple bottom lines, check out this story from Clif Bar and their unique 20th anniversary employee rewards!

Custom Clif Bar Bike 20th Anniversary


Clif Bar recently awarded each of its 300 employees a new, shiny, red custom Clif Bar bicycle in honor of their 20th anniversary! Each employee received a brand new bike inscribed with their name and start date at the company. This is such a great idea! The bikes are both personal items and flashy gifts to show around town!

WATCH: Clif Bar’s 20th Anniversary Bicycle Unveiling Video

We love seeing employees rewarded for their hard work! When a company gives back to the people who make it run smoothly, it makes everyone work a little bit harder and may even attract some of these.

Custom Clif Bar Bike 20th Anniversary

What stories have you heard about companies giving back to their employees? We’d love to hear them!

Big Bad Woof Sells to the Socially Conscious Pet [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Big Bad Woof, a socially-conscious supplier of pet supplies originating in Hyattsville, MD, became the first B Corp certified organization in the U.S. in October 2010. Big Bad Woof was ahead of the movement then, and they continue to support sustainable business today.

BBWoof’s owner, Penny Jones-Napier, has been quoted this week in regard to the pending implementation of U.S. legislation, which offers specific protection to companies who value sustainability and social impact above all else. Her position as owner of such a highly-regarded company makes her a valuable voice on the matter. Ms. Jones-Napier says of the benefit movement, “What started with small businesses is moving into the mainstream,” and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Known for its role as a benefit corporation, Big Bad Woof puts the needs of the larger population before their own. In addition, BBWoof’s customers value these eco-friendly efforts, and the company continues to increase profits regardless of its focus on social impact. Customers are happy to pay a little extra to support the cause!

Congrats to Big Bad Woof for their position in the movement toward mainstream sustainability! We wish them many more successful years to come.

My Experience as an Intern at A&M Meetings & Incentives

Interning at A&M has been a rewarding and enriching experience that has contributed to my knowledge of social media sites, travel destinations and the methods of improving worker relationships and inspiring workers. Through my work experience, I have learned about a multitude of destinations, ranging from exotic to family-friendly. These destinations, including South Africa and Indonesia, offer an assortment of activities bound to intrigue diverse groups of people.

Additionally, working at A&M has allowed me to understand how to improve an incentive trip. Planning an incentive trip is all about the activities that are available to the participants; specifically, every destination has something different to offer groups, which is why the choice of location is very important. One trend that I believe is successful is planning out-of-office experiences for employees. More and more, companies are looking to bring people outside of the conference room. This can be done by having employees volunteer within the community or by planning day trips. Another trend gaining popularity aims at engaging employees and incorporating outside input. Companies are using social media sites to get more people involved; companies are asking people to ask questions on twitter and are creating groups where information can be shared and discussed.

Before starting at A&M I did not know much about CSR; despite this, I have quickly learned how influential and how widespread the trend has become. Companies today are increasingly looking to become more responsible both socially and environmentally. “Going green” is another trend that I have learned more about during my time at A&M. Companies all over the world are looking to implement ecofriendly practices as a means of cutting down on production costs, attracting customers and improving the environment.

I have been rewarded with a lot of great opportunities at A&M and have truly gained a lot of knowledge about improving meetings, travel and current business trends.

– Olivia

Agora Partnerships Inspires Progress [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

The Agora Management Corporation is working to supply people with innovative ideas and the tools necessary to become successful. Agora Partnerships continues to help talented individuals form their own socially responsible businesses. This corporation provides financing and networking options to startup businesses. Additionally, Agora believes that empowering individuals to develop their own businesses benefits the whole community, creating a common set of values and a positive boost to the economy. 

In the process of assisting individuals with a vision, Agora has positively influenced the community. Individuals that work with Agora to start their own socially responsible business are able to create jobs and bring the community together. Agora Partnerships works with a wide range of entrepreneurial clients, such as a company that enhances the methods in which consumers and businesses perform transactions as well as a company that brings art from around the world to Costa Rica. The progress that Agora has made with businesses has inspired others to come forward with their progressive ideas.

Learn more about Agora Partnerships by visiting their website.

The Change Creation Builds Brands and Sustainable Business [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Jerry Stifelman creator of the company  The Change Creation, began his career working with companies like Banana Republic, MTV, and Puma as a brand strategist. He left to create The Change Creation focuses on all aspects of brand strategies from writing to consulting, while doing so in a green and sustainable manor.  This company commits itself to honesty and is devoted to helping other companies market themselves towards consumers. They really strive to encourage consumers to support businesses that are beneficial for the planet.

The Change Creation works exclusively with companies like Burt’s Bees, Sustainable Building Solutions, Self Help and other companies who share their goals of making the planet better in social, environmental, and political ways. Running on renewable energy, this company stands to accomplish far more than was ever previously expected.  The company’s desire to foster change in the world is both refreshing and innovative.

Please visit to learn more about The Change Creation!

South Mountain Company Creates Strength through Sustainability [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

As concerns of climate change and the economy become more important, consumers are looking towards companies like our Corporate Conscious Wednesday Winner, South Mountain Company, for innovative ideas that lower production costs and benefit the environment. South Mountain Company, which is based in Martha’s Vineyard, works to develop commercial and residential buildings that promote a stronger, healthier and more efficient community.

This employee-owned company has created a work environment that supports their employees and their local community. Using green building strategies the company helps their customers feel good about the work that they are paying for and allows them to benefit from their decision. South Mountain Company incorporates both solar and wind energy systems to cut production costs. Additionally, the company designs residences that use less square footage, local suppliers, and both recycled and sustainable materials.

These low-impact strategies and community mindset differentiate South Mountain Company. To find out more about the work being done at the South Mountain Company visit their website at

“Pura Vida”: Costa Rica and Our Sustainable Incentive Trip

A few weeks ago, we ran an incentive trip program in Costa Rica and it was absolutely fabulous.  The Costa Rican saying “pura vida” which means “pure life” truly reflects the atmosphere and environment of the country.  Clear blue skies and teal pristine waters surround you in a place where trees are abundant and animals are at your every turn.

In order to really immerse themselves in this new place, our clients chose to go on the El Viejo Wetlands tour. This tour takes place in Palo Verde National Park which is a wildlife refuge that has provided protection for thousands of animals. In the past, people used to come to these wetlands to kill crocodiles for their skin. Now, it is forbidden and against the law to commit such a crime. The Costa Ricans really want to preserve their natural life which is evident by the numerous crocodiles, monkeys and birds we saw along our boat tour.

Not only is the environment in mint condition, but the Four Reasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo is a model for sustainability in the hospitality industry. All of the food they buy is from local farmers that are committed to environmentally sensitive growing techniques. The organic food waste is then donated to a local Tico farmer free of charge who uses it to feed his animals. Land use is limited to 30% of the peninsula leaving 70% untouched and protected for conservation.  In every guest room, there is a bin that is divided into three sections: paper, plastic and waste. This makes it easier for everyone to recycle!

Another interesting fact about this Four Season’s sustainability efforts is that all of their trees are GPS located. If a tree were to fall on the golf course for example, all golf would stop until a photo has been taken and sent to the environmental commission of Costa Rica to ensure that the tree is replaced by another tree.

Since A&M Meetings & Incentives plans meetings and incentive trips with CSR elements, we were especially impressed by their CSR initiatives. For instance, they support “Los Ninos Pinta para Los Ninos”  an organization that helps abandoned and at risk children through the power of art! During the holidays, the resort donates toys to local schools in Guanancaste. Also, in all of the guest rooms they had water bottles that one could purchase to not only be eco-friendly, but to help support underprivileged children in the area as well.


Needless to say we would highly recommend that you have your next incentive trip in Costa Rica and stay at the Four Seasons Resort! Contact us today and we can help you start planning.

For more information about the Four Season’s sustainability and CSR efforts please visit thier website.