SustainU Promotes Social Responsibility Through Clothing Production and Unique Partnerships [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]


SustainU is a collegiate clothing company that works to provide jobs and make a positive ecological impact on the world. All of the clothing produced by SustainU is manufactured in the U.S. If that fact doesn’t strike you, check out this statistic: Only 2% of clothing purchased in the United States is actually manufactured in the United States!

As their name suggests, SustainU values their efforts to promote sustainable methods of clothing production. They are reducing their environmental impact daily by producing clothing made of 100% recycled materials and keeping cross-country travel at a minimum, reducing fuel emissions.

While SustainU cares about their personal impact on the world, they also bring attention to important issues outside of themselves, which affect the larger population. The SustainU blog features stories related to worldwide labor concerns, the ecological movement, and how we can change to better ourselves and the world. By sharing this kind of information, SustainU proves that it believes in the worldwide sustainable movement beyond their own ecological efforts, which is both honorable and unexpected.

SustainU has a really great business model, but what makes them most unique is their partnership with Industries for the Blind. We already knew that SustainU worked to create jobs in the U.S. and reduce labor demand overseas, but their commitment to providing opportunities for blind employees makes their mission all the more important.

Chris Yura, SustainU’s Founder and CEO, describes, “You would never know whether the person who made the garment had full vision capability or not. It all looks the same.” To be honest, I think that is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.