Experience the Joy of Baking with King Arthur Flour [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

I’m sure this company is not new to most of our readers!

King Arthur Flour is a 200-year old company (America’s oldest) that is 100% employee-owned.

Not every company can survive with complete employee ownership, but King Arthur Flour is thriving. They have a great employee culture that keeps their system running smoothly. Since coming under employee ownership, King Arthur Flour has boosted its revenue and has grown its U.S. availability from 11 states to 50 states. They also hold frequent “town hall” meetings to keep employees well-informed of company strategy and business endeavors.

Named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top Small Workplaces of 2008, King Arthur Flour has taken advantage of social media to grow their business into today’s society.

Have you seen this commercial?

King Arthur Flour was recently featured in a Google Plus ad, showcasing both their dedication to community and their love of baking! Called “America’s #1 baking resource” by resident writer, PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour has used Google Plus to connect with customers. She even hosts a Google Plus hangout to meet fans and teach new recipes!

King Arthur Flour Product BreadTheir commitment to community doesn’t stop there! King Arthur Flour employs a large portion of the local population in Vermont and buys resources in bulk from local distributors. Though they are a national brand, King Arthur Flour values their local ties and wants to continue to support these local businesses.

And on top of that… King Arthur Flour offers its employees 40 hours paid time to volunteer for any non-profit of their choice! WOW! It’s so great to see such distinguished companies giving back to the community.

Proud to be a BCorp company, King Arthur Flour will continue to operate in the future with the goal to be as socially and environmentally responsible as possible.

JustNeem Is Beauty Giving Back [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

With winter coming to a close, who couldn’t use a good lotion to soften up their skin in preparation for spring! What if we told you that you could get a great lotion AND help others at the same time? The B Corp company JustNeem makes this possible!

JustNeem provides high-quality body care products that are partly made from the Neem tree, which is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. JustNeem products also include the finest cosmetic grade raw materials and natural ingredients that help sustain and heal the skin.

All of the Neem raw materials purchased come from Mauritania, West Africa and JustNeem pays a fair market price for labor and goods.  JustNeem even goes above and beyond by using proceeds from soap sales to fund the planting of Neem trees in the West African village. The result, jobs and incomes for families currently living with few resources.

JustNeem also partners with like-minded NGOs that work with the villagers and even travels to Mauritania on a regular basis to visit them.


What do you think about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions of this company? For more information about JustNeem please click here.