Dive into the Ethical Ocean: Online Shopping for the Socially-Conscious [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Ethical Ocean Turtle Header Own What's GoodEthical Ocean is an online shopping destination that brings brands together for a one-stop, socially-conscious shopping experience. Ethical Ocean splits its product list into three categories: people, animals, and environment. Once you create a profile, you identify which cause is most important to you (i.e. people’s rights) and you have a customized shopping homepage dedicated to your cause of choice! Use their recommendations to guide you to your next purchase or search through their catalog to find what you’re looking for.

Ethical Ocean Style

Just like any other online shopping site, products supported by Ethical Ocean are fashionable, practical, trendy, and interesting! What makes them different is their dedication to helping the planet by promoting ethical products.

The story of how Ethical Ocean became the company it is today is very inspiring. They started off with high expectations of growth and began partnering with many different companies and bringing in thousands of new products. Though this growth was great for profits, Ethical Ocean realized that some of these products didn’t quite live up to their mission—they were made with good intentions, but the quality was still missing. Ethical Ocean knew this would not hold up, so in 2012, they sliced their list of offered brands from 500 to 200, leaving room for only the best of the best. And their productivity didn’t slow one bit.

Ethical Ocean Branding ImageWhen you have shopping to do, check Ethical Ocean first. Their products are great for the socially-conscious shopper looking to make a difference while looking great!

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Couchsurfing: A New Wave of Travel Opportunities [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Looking for a way to spend your two weeks vacation this year? While investigating summer travel destinations, I came across this website (and great travel opportunity), Couchsurfing.org! Couchsurfing is a site that allows users to either open up their homes to travelers or to crash on a stranger’s couch in countries all over the world. It makes for a unique travel experience, seeing the world through the eyes of locals, and it is the perfect way to meet new and interesting people you never would have met otherwise!

Once you get over the fact that you’re staying with a complete stranger in a strange town where nobody knows you, this sounds like a lot of fun! And it’s perfect for travel buffs looking to save some money along the way. Now, I’ve read a lot of reviews on Couchsurfing, and it turns out that being afraid of strangers is hardly a concern! Couchsurfing.org has a verification method, where past Couchsurfers can review their hosts and give piece of mind to the next visitors. Basically, if you were in danger, you’d know it. To read one user’s eventful account of their own experience with Couchsurfing, click here.

Saving money  may bring people in, but the experiences and the relationships keep them coming. Couchsurfing.org has recently become a B Corporation, using their worldwide connections to promote social change and tolerance, while giving their members the opportunity to create unique memories with new friends. This makes them a great candidate for B Corp’s “socially responsible business” model. However, there has been a slight controversy over Couchsurfing.org’s becoming a B Corp because the company dynamics have been slightly altered. Click here if you’re interested in getting a little background on the issue. No matter your personal opinion in the debate, you can’t deny the social benefits CouchSurfing brings to those who would prefer to spend their vacation time touring a new place with a trustworthy companion rather than a generic travel book.

New Leaf Paper Sets the Bar for Paper Industry [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

New Leaf Paper is a paper company located in San Francisco, CA that strives to have very little environmental impact and inspires others to do the same. They provide high-quality paper made of recycled contents that maintains the aesthetic value of the paper products we’ve come to know and love.

When you visit New Leaf’s website, you see a running count at the top of the page indicating the amounts of trees, water, and more that have been saved with New Leaf Paper products since it was founded in 1998. Their commitment to sustainability inspires customers and other paper companies to reduce their environmental impact to secure a greater ecological future. What more could you ask for in a B Corp company?

Sometimes recycled paper can have that rustic, brown paper bag look to it, and I like to flaunt my commitment to recycling as much as the next person, but New Leaf Paper’s products are actually very well-designed and impressively inexpensive. If you are a lover of new office supplies like I am, then you should definitely check out their site!

President and Co-founder Jeff Medelsohn said something really important about the paper industry. He said, “I can’t imagine anyone starting a paper company that did not integrate sustainability into their plans.” Now, many years after the creation of New Leaf, sustainability is not just a great idea for a paper company; it is an essential element to the paper industry, and that’s something to be proud of.

Have you ever bought New Leaf Paper products? Let us know what you think!

Feeding Kids With Revolution Foods [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

This week’s Corporate Conscious Wednesday Winner is Revolution Foods from Oakland, CA! Congratulations!

What is their mission? “Revolution Foods believes that all children deserve access to healthy, wholesome foods where they need it the most – in their schools.” Also, 3% of the net revenues of products purchased from Revolution Foods are donated to their School Lunch Program and helps feed an even larger number of kids in underserved schools.

How do they accomplish this? They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to children in grades K-12 nationwide.  All of the food they serve is completely natural and wholesome. Preservatives and artificial trans-fat, high fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients  are never used.  An example of a meal provided by Revolution Foods is an all-natural honey glazed chicken with roasted potatoes and garlic braised collard greens. Sounds delicious… and natural!

Revolution Foods can be found in California, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington D.C.!

For more information please visit http://products.revfoods.com/