Popular Landmarks and Your Next Incentive Trip or Meeting

We know that planning an incentive trip can be exhausting so we are here to give you some help and share some great ideas! Traveling across the world to cities like Rome and London are really unique experiences. Rome, one of Italy’s most famous cities, offers travelers the opportunity to take in ancient sites and priceless artwork, while London boasts great sightseeing and beautiful architecture.

 Trips to Rome can offer a wide variety of activities for every personality. The Colosseum, completed in the year  A.D. 82, allows visitors to experience and learn about the rich culture of the ancient Romans. At this 513-foot amphitheater guests discover the brutal world that the gladiators fought in and explore artifacts and other remnants of the Colosseum’s past. A ticket to the Colosseum also allows entrance into the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum area, making this ticket very worthwhile.

Just a twenty minute walk from the Colosseum is Vatican City, which offers a different side of Rome, one that is beautiful and unique to people of all religions. To see Vatican City at its best, skip the large line at St. Peter’s Basilica and pre-book your tickets or pay for a tour, which is worth its price. This ticket, similarly to the ticket at the Colosseum, permits entrance to other sites, including the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. These sites offer memorable experiences for everyone. Everything from the sheer size of St. Peter’s Basilica to the artwork in the Vatican museum will supply a plethora of activities. The Vatican museum alone has so much art that it would be nearly impossible to see it all in a week. Seeing paintings up close in the Sistine Chapel along with other works from Michelangelo and Rapheal will be an experiences unlike any other.

Another location abroad that holds some of the world’s most popular and entertaining landmarks is London. This city, home to the 2012 Summer Olympics, is where Big Ben and the Swiss Re Building can be found. London is a vibrant city that offers a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities like the London eye, where you can take in a view of the whole city. From up there, decide if you want to go explore the exceptional architecture of the Houses of Parliament, the British museum, or the London Tower. Additionally, London is a great place for shopping, entertainment, food, and the many pubs that provide an exciting nightlife. No matter what you choose to do on your incentive trip, you can find something for everyone in London.

If you think that abroad may be too far to travel, there are plenty of great cities in the United States that are worth visiting, like Chicago and San Francisco. Chicago is home to great places, people, and cuisine. Chicago’s Millennium Park is a great place to relax or explore; the park is home to a multitude of art sculptures, gardens and trails for biking. Good food can be found almost anywhere in the “Windy City” – one of our favorites is Gino’s East where the deep-dish pizza is one of a kind.

San Francisco is another great place celebrated for its food and landmarks. Enjoy the beautiful weather on a walk or bike around the harbor and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re looking to learn about one of America’s most famous prisons and get picturesque views of San Francisco, take the ferry to Alcatraz. The tour of the prison is interesting and definitely memorable. For San Francisco’s best food you have a lot of choices, but if we had to suggest one place to stop by it would be the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory located right on the San Francisco Bay.

An Incentive Trip to Florence!

Looking to plan a meeting or an incentive trip? Why not plan it to Florence, Italy? This city, which is paved in cobble stones, is filled with intertwining streets that transport people back in time. Florence has numerous museums which hold some of the greatest works from the Renaissance period. Additionally, Florence offers the very best of Italy: the food, the wine, the gelato, the coffee shops, and the welcoming natives.

If you are looking to bring a group closer together there are a range of activities that Florence has to offer. One of these activities is cooking. Getting groups involved in cooking lessons is both enjoyable and beneficial to group bonding. Taking a cooking class is one way that people can come together and experience working as a team. Exploring the wide variety of museums and churches is an additional way to strengthen group relationships. Activities can be planned around the various attractions including the statue of David, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and the Doumo. As a group, dine around the awe inspiring statue of David, visit the multitude of shops lining the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, or even take the ascent to the top of the Doumo to see the panoramic views of Florence.

With the vast possibilities that the city of Florence has to offer it is unlikely that you will have to look elsewhere for activities, but if you do, Sienna and Venice are only short train rides away. Enjoy the simplistic beauty of a gondola ride throughout the canals of Venice; or if you choose, take a trip to Sienna where group wine tastings can offer a pleasurable experience for all.

While cities like Florence and Venice allow visitors to experience some of the cultural wonders of Italy, they additionally allow guests to feel good about the eco-friendly practices that the cities’ support. These cities are built for people to walk through, allowing inhabitants the opportunity to see the atheistically pleasing sights of the city while being eco-friendly.


“Pura Vida”: Costa Rica and Our Sustainable Incentive Trip

A few weeks ago, we ran an incentive trip program in Costa Rica and it was absolutely fabulous.  The Costa Rican saying “pura vida” which means “pure life” truly reflects the atmosphere and environment of the country.  Clear blue skies and teal pristine waters surround you in a place where trees are abundant and animals are at your every turn.

In order to really immerse themselves in this new place, our clients chose to go on the El Viejo Wetlands tour. This tour takes place in Palo Verde National Park which is a wildlife refuge that has provided protection for thousands of animals. In the past, people used to come to these wetlands to kill crocodiles for their skin. Now, it is forbidden and against the law to commit such a crime. The Costa Ricans really want to preserve their natural life which is evident by the numerous crocodiles, monkeys and birds we saw along our boat tour.

Not only is the environment in mint condition, but the Four Reasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo is a model for sustainability in the hospitality industry. All of the food they buy is from local farmers that are committed to environmentally sensitive growing techniques. The organic food waste is then donated to a local Tico farmer free of charge who uses it to feed his animals. Land use is limited to 30% of the peninsula leaving 70% untouched and protected for conservation.  In every guest room, there is a bin that is divided into three sections: paper, plastic and waste. This makes it easier for everyone to recycle!

Another interesting fact about this Four Season’s sustainability efforts is that all of their trees are GPS located. If a tree were to fall on the golf course for example, all golf would stop until a photo has been taken and sent to the environmental commission of Costa Rica to ensure that the tree is replaced by another tree.

Since A&M Meetings & Incentives plans meetings and incentive trips with CSR elements, we were especially impressed by their CSR initiatives. For instance, they support “Los Ninos Pinta para Los Ninos”  an organization that helps abandoned and at risk children through the power of art! During the holidays, the resort donates toys to local schools in Guanancaste. Also, in all of the guest rooms they had water bottles that one could purchase to not only be eco-friendly, but to help support underprivileged children in the area as well.


Needless to say we would highly recommend that you have your next incentive trip in Costa Rica and stay at the Four Seasons Resort! Contact us today and we can help you start planning.

For more information about the Four Season’s sustainability and CSR efforts please visit thier website.