New Leaf Paper Sets the Bar for Paper Industry [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

New Leaf Paper is a paper company located in San Francisco, CA that strives to have very little environmental impact and inspires others to do the same. They provide high-quality paper made of recycled contents that maintains the aesthetic value of the paper products we’ve come to know and love.

When you visit New Leaf’s website, you see a running count at the top of the page indicating the amounts of trees, water, and more that have been saved with New Leaf Paper products since it was founded in 1998. Their commitment to sustainability inspires customers and other paper companies to reduce their environmental impact to secure a greater ecological future. What more could you ask for in a B Corp company?

Sometimes recycled paper can have that rustic, brown paper bag look to it, and I like to flaunt my commitment to recycling as much as the next person, but New Leaf Paper’s products are actually very well-designed and impressively inexpensive. If you are a lover of new office supplies like I am, then you should definitely check out their site!

President and Co-founder Jeff Medelsohn said something really important about the paper industry. He said, “I can’t imagine anyone starting a paper company that did not integrate sustainability into their plans.” Now, many years after the creation of New Leaf, sustainability is not just a great idea for a paper company; it is an essential element to the paper industry, and that’s something to be proud of.

Have you ever bought New Leaf Paper products? Let us know what you think!

SustainU Promotes Social Responsibility Through Clothing Production and Unique Partnerships [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]


SustainU is a collegiate clothing company that works to provide jobs and make a positive ecological impact on the world. All of the clothing produced by SustainU is manufactured in the U.S. If that fact doesn’t strike you, check out this statistic: Only 2% of clothing purchased in the United States is actually manufactured in the United States!

As their name suggests, SustainU values their efforts to promote sustainable methods of clothing production. They are reducing their environmental impact daily by producing clothing made of 100% recycled materials and keeping cross-country travel at a minimum, reducing fuel emissions.

While SustainU cares about their personal impact on the world, they also bring attention to important issues outside of themselves, which affect the larger population. The SustainU blog features stories related to worldwide labor concerns, the ecological movement, and how we can change to better ourselves and the world. By sharing this kind of information, SustainU proves that it believes in the worldwide sustainable movement beyond their own ecological efforts, which is both honorable and unexpected.

SustainU has a really great business model, but what makes them most unique is their partnership with Industries for the Blind. We already knew that SustainU worked to create jobs in the U.S. and reduce labor demand overseas, but their commitment to providing opportunities for blind employees makes their mission all the more important.

Chris Yura, SustainU’s Founder and CEO, describes, “You would never know whether the person who made the garment had full vision capability or not. It all looks the same.” To be honest, I think that is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.

Find Sustainability, Safety, and Comfort in Yellow Leaf Hammocks [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Nothing says paradise like swinging in the breeze in a hammock. With the official start of Summer right around the corner, we’re all in the mood to kick off our shoes and relax in the sun. This week’s Corporate Conscious Wednesday post features Yellow Leaf Hammocks and their efforts to provide comfort and knowledge of sustainability, while preserving the culture and economy of the Mlabri tribe in Thailand.

Inspired by the hammocks created by the Mlabri tribe, Yellow Leaf founder, Joe Demin, created the company to help the Mlabri tribe to increase demand for their hammocks and promote more eco-safe methods of production.

The latest development for Yellow Leaf Hammocks is their design for a hammock stand, or the Yellow Leaf Hammock Recliner. In three different finishes, all customers are sure to be satisfied with this new model. I’d take a nap in that!


Demin’s dedication to the company shines through in his Twitter feed @Hammocker and blogging efforts on “The Front Porch.”  That kind of attitude makes people want to do business with you. As if we needed yet another reason to love this company! 

Want to support Yellow Leaf? Visit their site and shop for your very own personal hammock! They would make great Father’s day gifts, don’t you think? Your dad could be as comfortable as this cat.

Patagonia Values Customer Opinion for Company Growth [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing retailer focused on simplicity and utility, two important concepts in this time of ecological and economic crisis. Taking the needs of  customers and the planet alike into consideration in its apparel production, Patagonia earns this week’s Corporate Conscious Wednesday honors!

Their mission statement reads: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis,” and that’s just what they’re doing.

Never one to be traditional, Patagonia encourages its customers to buy responsibly, even if that means they’ll buy fewer products. In an economic recession, people need to rethink their relationship with consumer products, and Patagonia’s partnership with their customers creates a great foundation for making these responsible purchases. Jess Clayton, Patagonia’s spokesperson, acknowledges the risk in asking people to buy less, and explains that “the decisions by the environment are always harder to make.” And it has worked to their advantage. Patagonia has built a dedicated fanbase of customers who strongly value their unique retail methods.

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In addition to its agreement with customers to recycle clothing and shop responsibly, Patagonia respects suggestions made by their loyal followers. In fact, Patagonia recently debuted a new wetsuit made of “the highest recycled content of any wetsuit on the market.” This suit was created in response to customer feedback that claimed their previous suits were too hot for warmer waters. So, not only does Patagonia respond effectively to customer concerns, they also seize every opportunity to create more environmentally-friendly alternatives to what’s currently out there.

Their dedication to constant improvement and customer satisfaction makes Patagonia a force to be reckoned with in society today. Bravo!

Big Bad Woof Sells to the Socially Conscious Pet [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Big Bad Woof, a socially-conscious supplier of pet supplies originating in Hyattsville, MD, became the first B Corp certified organization in the U.S. in October 2010. Big Bad Woof was ahead of the movement then, and they continue to support sustainable business today.

BBWoof’s owner, Penny Jones-Napier, has been quoted this week in regard to the pending implementation of U.S. legislation, which offers specific protection to companies who value sustainability and social impact above all else. Her position as owner of such a highly-regarded company makes her a valuable voice on the matter. Ms. Jones-Napier says of the benefit movement, “What started with small businesses is moving into the mainstream,” and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Known for its role as a benefit corporation, Big Bad Woof puts the needs of the larger population before their own. In addition, BBWoof’s customers value these eco-friendly efforts, and the company continues to increase profits regardless of its focus on social impact. Customers are happy to pay a little extra to support the cause!

Congrats to Big Bad Woof for their position in the movement toward mainstream sustainability! We wish them many more successful years to come.

Agora Partnerships Inspires Progress [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

The Agora Management Corporation is working to supply people with innovative ideas and the tools necessary to become successful. Agora Partnerships continues to help talented individuals form their own socially responsible businesses. This corporation provides financing and networking options to startup businesses. Additionally, Agora believes that empowering individuals to develop their own businesses benefits the whole community, creating a common set of values and a positive boost to the economy. 

In the process of assisting individuals with a vision, Agora has positively influenced the community. Individuals that work with Agora to start their own socially responsible business are able to create jobs and bring the community together. Agora Partnerships works with a wide range of entrepreneurial clients, such as a company that enhances the methods in which consumers and businesses perform transactions as well as a company that brings art from around the world to Costa Rica. The progress that Agora has made with businesses has inspired others to come forward with their progressive ideas.

Learn more about Agora Partnerships by visiting their website.

The Change Creation Builds Brands and Sustainable Business [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Jerry Stifelman creator of the company  The Change Creation, began his career working with companies like Banana Republic, MTV, and Puma as a brand strategist. He left to create The Change Creation focuses on all aspects of brand strategies from writing to consulting, while doing so in a green and sustainable manor.  This company commits itself to honesty and is devoted to helping other companies market themselves towards consumers. They really strive to encourage consumers to support businesses that are beneficial for the planet.

The Change Creation works exclusively with companies like Burt’s Bees, Sustainable Building Solutions, Self Help and other companies who share their goals of making the planet better in social, environmental, and political ways. Running on renewable energy, this company stands to accomplish far more than was ever previously expected.  The company’s desire to foster change in the world is both refreshing and innovative.

Please visit to learn more about The Change Creation!