Find Stylish Apparel and Social Awareness With Selfless Tee [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Selfless Tee is a company that started as a college project to raise money to purchase mosquito nets to help prevent Malaria. From this the company expanded because they received money from the Pepsi Refresh project, which they won. This once small company now raises money though the sales of their t-shirts, which are for many different campaigns. Selfless Tee has raised money for many different campaigns like those fighting against AIDS, disabled children, educating girls to bring equality, ending child abuse, and cancer campaigns.

The tees that are created are all inspired from the cause itself, and are designed by artists. Each campaign tee is both raising awareness for the cause and raising money for the campaign, with 100% of the proceeds from each shirt going to the cause. Selfless Tee is opening doors for non-profit organizations by not only creating apparel for the cause, but also creating awareness. The company is also enabling consumers to have an impact just by purchase something. Check out the apparel on their website

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