Sustainable Harvest Makes Lasting Connections [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Sustainable Harvest, our Corporate Conscious Wednesday Winner, sets a great example of how to bring investors and producers together. Specifically, Sustainable Harvests is a fair trade specialty coffee importer. The company works with stakeholders and outside investors to empower farmers who work with sustainable practices and buy from sustainable supply chains. In fact, in 2009, Sustainable Harvests invested two-thirds of its operating expenses (1.1 million) in non profit farmer training and activities to “create a global trade model that better serves fair trader farmers.”

This Portland based company works with farmers in Mexico, Peru and Tanzania, helping over 200,000 farmers compete in specialty coffee markets. By closely connecting farmers, investors, suppliers, and transporters, Sustainable Harvests has succeeded in creating an inspirational business model that benefits both businesses and consumers. Check out more about Sustainable Harvests at

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Harvest Makes Lasting Connections [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

  1. Wow, you guys got two different organizations completely intertwined. Sustainable Harvest co. does coffee, and Sustainable Harvest International is a non-profit that works in Central America.

    • Hello Chris,

      Yes, we realized that very quickly. It was a mistake that has been corrected. Both organizations have a lot to offer and we hope to highlight Sustainable Harvest International in the near future. We hope you have enjoyed our blogs so far and look forward to more of your comments!


  2. Unfortunately, whoever wrote this Corporate Conscience Wednesday post got our non-profit Sustainable Harvest International confused with the coffee-import business Sustainable Harvest. Our mission is to provide farming families in Central America with the training and tools to preserve our planet’s tropical forests while overcoming poverty. We invite your readers to learn more about our non-profit online at

    Thank you!
    Renée Johnson
    Sustainable Harvest International
    Communications Director

    • Hello Renee, the mistake has been corrected on all of our social media sites. We are sorry for the mix up. Again, your non-profit is very interesting and definitely an organization we would consider highlighting in the future!

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