South Mountain Company Creates Strength through Sustainability [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

As concerns of climate change and the economy become more important, consumers are looking towards companies like our Corporate Conscious Wednesday Winner, South Mountain Company, for innovative ideas that lower production costs and benefit the environment. South Mountain Company, which is based in Martha’s Vineyard, works to develop commercial and residential buildings that promote a stronger, healthier and more efficient community.

This employee-owned company has created a work environment that supports their employees and their local community. Using green building strategies the company helps their customers feel good about the work that they are paying for and allows them to benefit from their decision. South Mountain Company incorporates both solar and wind energy systems to cut production costs. Additionally, the company designs residences that use less square footage, local suppliers, and both recycled and sustainable materials.

These low-impact strategies and community mindset differentiate South Mountain Company. To find out more about the work being done at the South Mountain Company visit their website at

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