Sweetgreen: Food That Fits [Corporate Conscious Wednesday]

Sweetgreen is a restaurant that was created by three Georgetown undergraduate students who were tired of limited food options and asking “Where should we go eat?”

“Sweetgreen is a place where you can get fun, fashionable food that’s both healthy for you and aligned with your values. Simply stated… food that fits.” We love to come across businesses with this philosophy.

Everything from the food to packaging to waste is sustainable. Impressive right? Let’s break down their initiatives to give you a closer look at their remarkable efforts!

Food: Sourced from organic and local farmers. All proteins are hormone free, antibiotic free and all natural.

Packaging: 100% plant-based compostable packing which includes bowls, cutlery and cups.  

Waste:  Compost food scraps in their kitchens and composting and recycling stations for customers

Energy: Offset 100% of their energy with wind energy credits

Design:  Furniture made from reclaimed wood or old bowling alley wood with energy efficient LED and Fluorescent lighting

Partners: Organic Trade Association, Green Restaurant Association, EPA Power Partner, Clean Currents, DC Farm to School

Additionally, Sweetgreen University (SGU) is a program that was created to further reinforce these sustainable standards and involve employees. This program educates employees about the global state of food, energy, waste and water.  However, SGU goes beyond the typical classroom style learning. After employees have mastered the content they are asked to select a topic of their choice and develop their own project, such as volunteering on an organic farm or cutting back on personal plastic consumption.

For more information, please visit http://sweetgreen.com/

We want to hear from you! What do you think about this restaurant? Have you ever eaten at sweetgreen?


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